Discover your child's potential using speech and sign language
  • Teach your hearing baby to communicate before they can speak
  • Alleviate frustration and promote confidence
  • Enhance your child's verbal, literacy and mathematical skills
  • Create fun ways to teach and learn

" a helping hand starts here "

Infants understand so much and want to be able to tell us what they are thinking and feeling but can't because their ability to speak has not yet fully developed. They will sometimes gesture as a means to communicate and often get frustrated in the process. Now we can give them the tools to communicate using sign language.

Likewise older children can feel frustrated and bored with their learning, making remembering what is being taught almost impossible. Using sign language with their learning can stimulate their interest and captivate their attention making learning fun and memorable!!

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Baby sign language courses, teaching, training and consulting in Australia and Canada
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